Sharon Algozer

Fiber sculpture and basketry have become the focus of my design work during the last 20 years. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in English from UCLA and in Interior Design from Woodbury University, I spent several years practicing residential and commercial interior design. This experience led to a full-time faculty position at Chaffey Community College (from which I recently retired) teaching design and the history of architecture and decorative arts. In the course of my teaching career, I completed a Master’s degree in Art History at the University of California at Riverside with an emphasis in the history of architecture and design.

Frequent travel/research trips to Europe, Asia, Mexico, and other parts of the United States to study historical architecture and interior furnishings for my courses provided visual inspiration for form and color in my art work. In addition, my pieces have been influenced by nature, particularly the movement and outlines of trees and vegetation.

Currently, my materials include wire, fabric, raffia, painted paper, novelty trim and recycled elements. I have also enjoyed working with natural materials, such as philodendron sheaves, branches, kelp and seagrass. My artistic vision focuses on using these colorful and malleable materials to connect the form and intricacies of the natural and human-made environments to states of personal and cultural awareness.