Bryon Havranek

I am a self-taught artist, currently living in San Diego, California. My life has been all about lessons, mostly learned on my own. My father was career Navy, so I have been all over the United States at one time or another; I had to learn early on to cope with change and loneliness. The first rainbow I ever saw as a child filled me with the magic and beauty of colour, teaching me about the wonders of the natural world. A school trip to Europe introduced me to the works of the Old Masters, and with it came an appreciation of painting and fine art. A stay at a commune in Texas taught me that some dreams are not so goode when they are realized, yet at the same time I realized that others are worth fighting to achieve.


Ars Hermetica.jpg

"Ars Hermetica"


Middle Pillar.jpg
"Middle Pillar"

Serengeti Sunrise.jpg
"Serengeti Sunrise"