2014 Exhibitions

Sept. 12 - Oct. 25, 2014



Gallery 57 Underground, a non-profit contemporary art gallery in the Pomona Arts colony, will present an exhibition entitled “Feminine Strength” featuring the works of Jeanne Andersen, Georga Garside, and Sharon Algozer in the gallery’s new quarters at the Da Center for the Arts at 252-D on Main Street in Pomona. The exhibition runs  from Friday, September 12 through Saturday, October 25. Receptions will take place on Saturday, September 13 and Saturday, October 11 from 6-9 p.m. Regular gallery hours are Friday and Saturday from 12-4. Phone number at the Da is 909-397-9716.

Jeanne Andersen uses pen and ink to depict strong women from the old testament, who were forced to make difficult decisions and engage in dangerous actions. To convey the plight of these forceful women Andersen uses complex compositions which mirror the trauma and fear experienced by such women as Hannah and Tamar.  The powerful use of line and the strong contrasts between light and dark convey the wrenching emotional situations these women had to endure.

Georga Garside has chosen as her subjects strong 20th and 21st century women who have made societal contributions by means of their courage, stamina, and determination.  The impetus to Garside’s inspiration stems from a pastor’s comment that “Women are the weaker vessel.” To disprove this viewpoint she uses mixed media to present an ironic interpretation of the pastor’s comment by depicting  brave women such as Malala, the young girl shot by the Taliban for going to school, Marlene Dietrich, the actress who defied Hitler, and Dolores Huerta, a leader of the United Farm Workers Union.

Fiber artist Sharon Algozer has chosen to examine the strength of female figures in certain historical works of art by examining their use of color.  Drawing inspiration from artists such as Gustav Klimt (Austrian, 1862-1918) and Georges Lacombe (French, 1898-1916), she has created freeform abstract sculptures which stress the force of color contrasts and gradations used in the chosen works of art.  Interested in the concept that when one views any object  the color is generally perceived  before the object itself, Algozer has interpreted the portrayal of strong women in art history through the impact of color alone rather than the representation of any actual figures.


Art Model + Artist = Artifact
Jul5 5 - 27 (perhaps August), 2014



57 Underground
Temporary Quarters
281 S. Thomas St.
Pomona, Ca. 91766
(626) 919 1297, (951) 567 3777

Mike (Vegas) Dommermuth
Carlos Durazo
Andrew Kovner
Maria Leon
Yi-li Chin Ward
And OthersÖ

For over 20 years a varying but always cohesive group of artists has met at art studios (and even a backyard) in Los Angeles to draw Art models from life.

In cities and towns elsewhere in the world, much the same phenomenon occurs.

What is this ceremony, and why does it endure?

We suspect that because in its essence, it exposes a shared interior journey by us all. It's all there to see: the model's attitude, the artists' attitude. The model's preoccupations, the artists' world view. A fish net of line and color cast over the body of another: molding to them like their skin, or amorphous.

Electric, agitated; calm, considered, hasty, colored, hallucinatory, stark, monotone; graded, fuzzy, wispy, cohering, disintegrating, focused, discarded, erased, smudgedÖtiny, huge, stained, lugubrious, exact, unsureÖ

It's an interior journey and an implied agreement between two or more people that defines something about the human spirit. And here's the deepest mystery -- Is the result the model?, the artist?, something somewhere between the two? Or something else: something beyond the participants entirely.

One true thing we can state: what emerges is an "artifact". Something that can be touched and carried away. But not just a simple fact, rather an "artifact"Ö.


Metamorphosis 2014
June 6 - June 28, 2014


May 9 - May 31, 2014

57 Underground, founded in Fullerton ca. 1984 by Cal State Fullerton graduate students and in Pomona since 1998, has lost its lease as of April 30, 2014. The shows scheduled for May and June will be held next door at 320 S. Thomas Street, Pomona, with gallery members looking for new space thereafter. The May show, May 9-31, "Up and Out: New Directions," will feature the art of Glenn Briggs, Desiree Engel, Mary Hughes, and Mervyn Seldon. At "Metamorphosis," June 6-28, gallery members will select and exhibit their own favorite works. 


Glenn Briggs, a former social worker, has created art in various media for decades, including neon, copper enamel, and more recently paintings. This show features small enamel bowls and flat panels, wall piece assemblages in copper enamel, bright, playful, semi-abstract paintings of a personality cat, and a comic book style instruction manual on working with copper.


Desiree Engel concentrates on ceramic sculpture in clay because of the immediacy of clay and its endless possibilities. One of its qualities is that the final look of a piece is somewhat out of her control as it warps and changes colors when subjected to high firing temperatures. She also likes to look for and experiment with new ways of using both clay and glazes.


Mary Hughes has taught at all grade levels, as well as college and adult art classes. Her work explores layered images and how marbled patterns express the flow and rhythm of harmonies. Metaphors and synchronicity characterize her paintings. She sometimes integrates trees and figures into her textures, merging foreground and background into a memory.


Mervyn Seldon, a former book editor, loves to create vivid, semi abstract paintings of the interplay between real objects and imagined shapes. "Loose Ends" in this show relives both the excitement and anguish of flying in new directions. It is perhaps a metaphor for 57 Underground as it leaves its home space and charts new paths.


Karen Duckles - FLOW 

March 8 - April 26, 2014


57 Underground presents two solo shows, “Flow”, gestural abstractions by Karen Duckles, and “BreakThrough”, spiritually inspired textural paintings by Lisa Brugger.

Karen Duckles paints flowing abstractions. The paintings have a great deal of movement relating to the scale of the human body. They feature a free gestural application of paint. A reductive palette of mainly white, black and gray is used.

Karen’s paintings derive from nature. The contemplation of nature, looking outside to see within, informs her work.

Karen has been exhibiting in Southern California for the last several years.

Lisa Brugger offers highly textured 3-D paintings. She uses thick acrylic paint and embeds found objects in it. “Coiled Illumination” is a large-scale monochromatic wall installation made up of 81 separate canvases, which form a large spiral image when viewed from a distance. “Telepathic Communication” is part of her Chakra Series, which is based on the 7 major chakras.

Lisa’s focus in her work is spiritual. She believes that if you change someone’s outlook in a positive way, even for a moment, they in turn will do the same for others.

Since moving to L.A., she has participated in many group shows, has curated a Pop- Up gallery in downtown L.A., and started a website to help other artists.

Mona Jean Cedar’s poetry is composed simultaneously in Spoken word and American Sign Language. She started her poetry slam adventures by competing on the Long Beach Slam team in Portland, Oregon. She has interpreted the National Slams in Chicago and represented the United States in their Coupe du Monde de Poesie in 2011. She will be presenting her original poetry Saturday, March 8, 7pm.

For further information please call Karen Duckles (818) 545-8404 or Lisa Brugger (818) 679-5891