57 Underground's July show, "Convergence," will showcase the work of 20 Southern and Northern California artists of the Society of Layerists in Multi-Media (SLMM).  This nonprofit artists' organization has circa 400 members across the United States and Canada and will hold its annual meeting in Los Angeles in conjunction with the exhibition.  Among the disciplines represented in the show are painting, mixed media, sculpture, installation, collage, altered books, and digital work.

SLMM was founded in 1982 by Mary Carroll Nelson and held its first exhibition in 1985 at the Albuquerque Museum in New Mexico.  Since then, the group has exhibited across the country and recently held an anniversary show in Albuquerque at the same museum.  According to its founder, Layerists "are a specific group of artist-seekers who have a heightened awareness of holism--the belief that reality is made up of organic and unified wholes that are greater than the simple sum of their parts."  Layerists see individuals as connected with the universe and each other through a shared human history.  Sensitive to concepts from science, philosophy, and metaphysics, they draw from various artistic disciplines, using layering techniques to express their sense of connectedness across time and space.

Dates of the  exhibition are July 10 through August 1 at 57 Underground Gallery, 300-C S. Thomas Street, Pomona, (909) 397-0218.  Gallery hours are noon to 4 p.m. Fridays through Sundays;  noon to 9 p.m. on Second Saturday, July 11, with an artists' reception that evening from 6-9 p.m.;  and another artwalk on the Last Saturday, July 25, from 6-9 p.m.  All hours are open to the public.  For further information, visit the gallery's website: or the SLMM website:

Media contact:  Mervyn Seldon (626) 919-1297