57 Underground presents two solo shows, “Flow”, gestural abstractions by Karen Duckles, and “BreakThrough”, spiritually inspired textural paintings by Lisa Brugger.

Karen Duckles paints flowing abstractions.  The paintings have a great deal of movement relating to the scale of the human body.  They feature a free gestural application of paint.  A reductive palette of mainly white, black and gray is used. 

Karen’s paintings derive from nature.  The contemplation of nature, looking outside to see within, informs her work.

Karen has been exhibiting in Southern California for the last several years.

Lisa Brugger offers highly textured 3-D paintings. She uses thick acrylic paint and embeds found objects in it.  “Coiled Illumination” is a large-scale monochromatic wall installation made up of 81 separate canvases, which form a large spiral image when viewed from a distance.  “Telepathic Communication” is part of her Chakra Series, which is based on the 7 major chakras.

Lisa’s focus in her work is spiritual.  She believes that if you change someone’s outlook in a positive way, even for a moment, they in turn will do the same for others.

Since moving to L.A., she has participated in many group shows, has curated a Pop- Up gallery in downtown L.A., and started a website to help other artists.

Mona Jean Cedar’s poetry is composed simultaneously in Spoken word and American Sign Language.  She started her poetry slam adventures by competing on the Long Beach Slam team in Portland, Oregon.  She has interpreted the National Slams in Chicago and represented the United States in their Coupe du Monde de Poesie in 2011.  She will be presenting her original poetry Saturday, March 8, 7pm.

For further information please call Karen Duckles (818) 545-8404                                 or Lisa Brugger (818) 679-5891