Botanically Inspired
57 Underground presents an exhibition by Sharon Algozer and Karen Duckles.
Both artists are dealing with the idea of nature as manifested by plant life.

Location: dA Center for the Arts, 252 D. Main St., Pomona, Ca 91766

Dates: March 3-25, Fridays and Saturdays, 1-4 
Opening reception: March 11, 6-9 


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Karen Duckles, _Green Flower #2_, 30_x30_, oil on canvas.jpg

Karen Duckles

Statement and Biography

Karen’s paintings are inspired by natural phenomena, in this case, plant life such as flowers and leaves.  Though the subject matter is loosely based on the botanical, the

paintings are abstract, and arise from the intersection of the conscious and the unconscious minds.  Karen initially allows an image to flow freely from the unconscious, and then acts upon it from the vantage point of the conscious mind.  This movement back and forth allows the paintings to evolve in unexpected ways.  As surprising effects and marks occur, they are incorporated and change the painting, creating constant focus and imparting vitality.  Karen works in a gestural style, often using her hands directly on the canvas, imparting a sensuous quality of touch to the work.


Karen graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from U.C. Davis, and went on to complete a Master of Fine Arts degree from Washington State University.  While completing her M.F.A., she spent an exchange year in Japan, which greatly influenced her.  The meditative quality of Zen and the immediacy of Sumi painting resonated with her and found their way into her work.

Karen has been working and exhibiting in the Los Angeles area for many years.  She is currently a member of 57 Underground in Pomona, Los Angeles Art Association in Los Angeles and ArtShare L.A. in Los Angeles.


Sharon Algozer, _Botanical Series #2, 30_x40_, wire and fiber.JPG

Sharon Algozer

Statement and Biography

In the Botanical Series Sharon examines the parallels of the world of nature to the sources of energy and power within human beings.  Just as trees and plants move and react to light and moisture, so too can individuals create unique lives by responding to the forces of society and the environment around them.  In this series the twisting and turning of the colored segments can remind one of starts and stops, reaching out and retreating back in the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual journeys people take to arrive at a personal state of equilibrium.


Sharon Algozer’s academic training includes bachelors’ degrees in English from UCLA and in Interior Design from Woodbury University, as well as a master’s degree in Art History from the University of California-Riverside.  A career in interior design led to a full-time faculty position at Chaffey Community College in Rancho Cucamonga, teaching interior design and the history of architecture and decorative arts. Her artwork focuses on the incorporation of man-made and natural fibers into sculptural forms.  Frequent travel/research trips to Europe, Asia, Mexico, and the United States have provided inspiration for form and color in her work.  In addition, the natural world, especially the forms and movements of trees and vegetation in her Claremont neighborhood and California forests and deserts have been a source of ideas in her three dimensional artwork.